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UploadThingy is the better way to receive files on your site

Just copy and paste some html to get a drag and drop multiple file upload form that looks like your site. Setup email alerts, password protection, Paypal integration and more... Watch a short video to see how it works.
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UploadThingy is for

Printers: Receive graphics files for printing.
Design firms: Receive and send graphics and other large files.
Photo labs: Receive image files for printing.
Transcription services: Receive audio files for transcribing.
Consulting services: Receive documents from clients.
Schools: Receive papers and other documents from students.
Talent agencies: Receive applications.
Photo sites/competitions: Receive image files to review and post on your site.
Video sites/competitions: Receive videos to review and post on your site.
Music sites/competitions: Receive audio files to review and post on your site.
Other: Any organization that needs an easy way to receive files on their site.

What people are saying
Media Desk says: "We came across UploadThingy quite by chance a few weeks ago and earmarked it to try it out at a later point. To be honest I don't know why we waited quite so long, because UploadThingy is fantastic."
Wayne says: "We are a small web development firm often looking for tools that are painfully simple to use... that we don't have time to develop. We test the uploadthingy and are excited at its simplicity to integrate and use. The email alert feature that allows immediate access to the uploaded file really grabbed our attention. Count on repeat business from us. "
Gustavo says: "Through UploadThingy's service we've been able to find the right solution for our uploading needs. We run a printing company and being able to receive big file uploads from customers had always been difficult to manage, until we started using UploadThingy. Not only the tool is very flexible, but you get the support of Chris who is very responsive. We have suggested some improvements that Chris was fast to implement."
Brett says: "Not only has Uploadthingy proved to be a great solution for our site, but I was completely blown away at the level of support we received! I'd previously tried to use another script and had nothing but annoyingly persistent problems and absurd delays from their "support system" - What a breath of fresh air to find someone online who is super-responsive and actually cares about helping his customers! Chris was always there to personally answer questions and went way out of his way to help me on some unusually complex issues on the custom form I'd built. Bottom line - I simply can't recommend Chris and the Uploadthingy highly enough. Thanks a million!!"
Anthony says: "UploadThingy has saved me tons of time and helped me finish my site without having to be some expert."
Art says: "I have to tell you, and others, how great this program is working out for us. Without a doubt, it is the answer to my problems for getting uploads from my customers to my web site. I would recommend your program to everyone and, I do spread the word to other people whom I do business with regularly. Also, your Customer Service is beyond fantastic - it is Superior to any other company I do business with daily. Thank for you help and hard work."
Daniel says: "I - and my customers - absolutely love Uploadthingy. I've been in the copy/print/design business for ten years but I just opened up my own shop in September. Uploadthingy is (as you know) fast, reliable, and a great price. Thank you for creating such a useful service."
Chris says: "AWESOME Upload Service!!! Awesome customer service after the sale! Thanks...& All The Best!!!"
Jem says: "...The idea itself is intriguing, and I can see straight away where it would be useful..." read more...
Brian says: "I am a Web Designer and uploadthingy has saved me a ton of time and work! Now my customers can upload content to me FAST without having to learn to use an FTP client. Thank you so much!!!"
Nathan says: "Wow this is great. This will work great with our Full Color Printing Website."
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